Above: 55 High Street where the Wards first lived in Tenkterden.  Photo courtesy of Bari Watts

Above: map of Kent with Tenkterden circled. Source: ukga.org

Wards 1831 - 1859

Above: Winifred Gérin, Horatia Nelson, p. 272

Above: Tenkterden in the 1830s, Winifred Gérin, Horatia Nelson

Above: Winifred Gérin, Horatia Nelsonm pp. 272-273

10 Jul 1831

Edmund Nelson, Horatia and Philip Ward’s seventh child baptised at Tenkterden (right)

Wards 1831-1859

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Name:Edmund Nelson Ward

Gender: Male

Baptism Date: 10 Jul 1831

Baptism Place: Tenterden, Kent, England

Father: Philip Ward

Mother: Horatia Nelson

Source: ancestry.co.uk