Marmaduke Ward’s ancestry is obscure.  His Cambridge alumni record states he was born c. 1711 near Chesterfield to Joseph Ward, gent., and Winifred Gérin adds that his family were of Norman descent

Name: Joseph Ward

Event Type: Marriage

Marriage Date: 15 Oct 1704

Marriage Place:     Dronfield, Derbyshire, England

Spouse: Sarah Marland 


Above: Dronfield parish records book.  Source:

First name(s): Marmaduke

Last name: Ward

Baptism year     1719

Baptism date: 07 Jun 1719

Baptism place: Bilsdale

Father's first name(s): Marmaduke

County : Yorkshire (North Riding)


Above: map showing  locations of Chesterfield, Killamarsh and Bilsdale.  Source:

Above: St Giles, Killamarsh Source:

First name(s): Marmaduke

Last name: Ward

Age     89

Birth year: 1665

Death year:1754

Memorial location: Bilsdale

Description: St Hilda

County: Yorkshire (North Riding)


Above: General Records Office record of the 1850 Chesterfield birth –– note the mother’s maiden name is Ward Source:

Birth of 5th great-grandfather Marmaduke Ward

First name(s) Marmaduke

Last name Ward

Marriage year 1573

Marriage date 27 Sep 1573

Marriage place Bishop Burton

Spouse's first name(s) Isabell

Spouse's last name Grey


Wards Forbears

C. 1711

Marmaduke Ward born near Chesterfield, Derbyshire to Joseph (below)

Above: Winifred Gérin (Horatia Nelson, p. 236) - no reference cited

 Marmaduke WARD

Adm. sizar (age 18) at ST JOHN'S, 06 Jun., 1729.

S. of Joseph, gent., of Derbyshire . B. near Chesterfield [ Derbyshire ].

School, Chesterfield [ Derbyshire ] (Mr Burrow).

Matric. 1729 ;

B.A. 1732/3 .

Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 20 May, 1733; priest (Norwich) Oct., 1735.

R. of Occold, Suffolk , 1745-56 .

R. of Swafield, Norfolk , 1746-72 .

R. of Beeston-by-Sea [ Norfolk ], 1765-72 .

Died 06 Feb., 1772.

( Scott-Mayor, III. 422.)

Source: Cambridge Alumni Database

Above:  Dronfield.  Source:

Viability of Dronfield birth

There is a Joseph Ward marrying a Sarah Marland at Dronfield (10 miles from Chesterfield) both of the parish in 1704 (left and parish record book image right)

But the parish record book lists no Marmaduke born to them c. 1711 (although their daughter, Sarah is baptised in May 1713 (left)

As there seem to be no children of Joseph Ward baptised in Dronfield prior to this, it could be that the family had stayed elsewhere between their 1704 marriage and the 1713 birth of their daughter.

Further afield

Only two baptism records for a Marmaduke Ward born in the United Kingdom 10 years either side of 1710 (source:

Ward     Marmaduke    1710        Killamarsh, Derbyshire, England    

Ward     Marmaduke    1719         Bilsdale, Yorkshire 

Of these, neither father is Joseph.  The father named in the Yorkshire baptism record is Marmaduke (left) and the Derbyshire one is George (right).

Above:  Bilsdale.  Source:

Viability of Bilsdale birth

Ward     Marmaduke    1719         Bilsdale, Yorkshire


Name: Marmaduke Ward


Father’s name: Marmaduke

Location: distant from Chesterfield

Date: only 10 years before Cambridge enrolment 

Marmaduke Ward is a surprisingly common name (see below)

Above:  Killamarsh

Exploring Killamarsh viability further 

(As it seems more likely)

Viability of Killamarsh birth

Ward     Marmaduke    1710        Killamarsh, Derbyshire, England    


Name: Marmaduke Ward

Location: 8 miles from Chesterfield

Date: tallies with Cambridge enrolment date

Father’s name: George also name of Marmaduke’s 1st born son, and his son Marmaduke’s 1st born son (no sons named Joseph)


Father’s name: not Joseph

Marmaduke Ward is a surprisingly common name (see below)

Above:  Marmaduke Ward’s baptism record in Killamarsh parish record.  Source:

Contemporary Killamarsh parish records (below) show no Joseph Wards

Contemporary Ward entries in Killamarsh parish records


Geo Ward buried Mar 2–




Thomas son of Robert Ward baptised Feb 28



Robert son of Thomas Ward [illegible]




Andrew son of Andrew Ward baptised February 13


Martha daughter of William Ward baptised October 2nd


John son of Andrew Ward baptised May 19th


[Illegible] daughter of George Ward baptised the same day [January 26]

John the son of Andrew Ward baptised May 19th

Burials 1701

Tho: Benson & John Ward both buried [illegible] 22

Christenings 1702

George the son of George Ward bapt Oct 18

John the son of     “               “     begotten of the body of Anne Goodison bapt No 3rd

Burials 1702

George the son of George Ward buried Oct 22

John the son of         “          “      begotten of the body of Anne Goodison was buried Nov 4


Christenings 1704

Easter daughter of George Ward bapt May 23

Christenings 1705

Anne daughter of George Ward bapt Nov 28

Christenings 1706

Francis son of George Ward bapt March 11

Easter the daughter of George Ward baptised March 18

Burials 1707

Mary Ward widow buried Sept.r 4

George Ward and John  listed as church wardens


[?]um the son of George Ward bapt {?]

George  Ward = church warden again


Christenings 1710

Marmaduke son of Gio: Ward bapt October 23rd

Ste: Ward Curate


John son of Thomas Ward bapt June the 16th

Thoms son of George Ward bapt June 20

M Ward Curate


Burials 1714

Godfrey Goodison buried May 20


As the name Marmaduke Ward is distinctive, it feels worth mapping instances of it from earliest records until the mid 1800s (below)

All Marmaduke Ward records from findmypast up until 1850

Ward    Marmaduke    1573    Yorkshire Marriages, Bishop Burton, Yorkshire (East Riding), England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1598    Yorkshire Baptisms    Hull, St Mary, Yorkshire (East Riding), England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1631    Nottinghamshire Baptisms  Elkesley, Nottinghamshire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1637    Somerset Baptism Index Curry Rivel, Somerset, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1638     England Marriages Leeds, Yorkshire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1638    Massachusetts Vital Records United States    

Ward    Marmaduke    1639    National Burial Index Curry Rivel, Somerset, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1645    Yorkshire Baptisms    Patrington, Yorkshire (East Riding), England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1649    England Births & Baptisms Leeds, Yorkshire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1656    Devon Baptisms Upottery, Devon, England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1656    England Births & Baptisms Stepney, London, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1658    England Deaths & Burials Stepney, Middlesex, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1660    Somerset Burial Index Weston Zoyland, Somerset, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1666    Somerset Burial Index Curry Rivel, Somerset, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1692    Yorkshire, Archbishop Of York Marriage Licences Index        

Ward    Marmaduke    1705    Yorkshire, Bishop's Transcripts Of Marriages Crathorne, Yorkshire     

Ward    Marmaduke    1710    Derbyshire Baptism Index Killamarsh, Derbyshire, England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1711    York Probate Index, Brandsley, Yorkshire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1719    Yorkshire Baptisms    Bilsdale, Yorkshire (North Riding), England            

Ward    Marmaduke    1725    Yorkshire, Bishop's Transcripts Of Marriages Beverley, St John, Yorkshire    

Ward    Marmaduke    1733    England Births & Baptisms Stepney, London, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1733    England Births & Baptisms Beswick, Yorkshire, England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1735    England Marriages    Trunch, Norfolk, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1736    Yorkshire, Burials Bilsdale, Yorkshire (North Riding)        

Ward    Marmaduke    1737    Rhode Island Births & Baptisms Portsmouth, Rhode Island, United States    

Ward    Marmaduke    1742    National Burial Index Masham, Yorkshire (North Riding)    

Ward    Marmaduke    1746    Yorkshire Marriages     Cottingham, Yorkshire (East Riding), England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1746    Devon Burials Dartmouth, St Saviour, Devon, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1748    England Marriages Bacton, Norfolk, England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1749    Yorkshire Burials Kilnwick, Yorkshire (East Riding), England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1750    England Births & Baptisms Trunch, Norfolk, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1751    England Births & Baptisms Clapham, Yorkshire, England                

Ward    Marmaduke    1752    Yorkshire Baptisms    Skeffling, Yorkshire (East Riding), England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1754    York Probate Index     Bilsdale, Yorkshire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1754    Yorkshire, Burials Bilsdale, Yorkshire (North Riding), England            

Ward    Marmaduke    1754    Yorkshire Memorial Inscriptions Yorkshire (North Riding), England

Ward    Marmaduke    1769    Derbyshire Baptism Index Killamarsh, Derbyshire, England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1772    England Births & Baptisms Clapham, Yorkshire, England            

Ward    Marmaduke    1776    Yorkshire Banns Patrington, Yorkshire (East Riding)    

Ward    Marmaduke    1776    Yorkshire, Burials Cottingham, Yorkshire (East Riding), England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1779    England, Boyd's Marriage Indexes, Lancashire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1779    Yorkshire Banns Clapham, Yorkshire (West Riding), England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1782    England, Boyd's Marriage Indexes, Norfolk, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1789    Yorkshire Burials Cottingham, Yorkshire (East Riding), England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1793    Derbyshire Burial Index Killamarsh, Derbyshire, England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1794    England, Boyd's Marriage Indexes, Lancashire, England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1810    US Census 1810 Newport, Rhode Island, United States    

Ward    Marmaduke    1811    United States Marriages Essex, New Jersey, United States

Ward    Marmaduke    1813    Index To Death Duty Registers Norfolk, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1813    Ontario County Property Deeds Index, New York, United States    

Ward    Marmaduke    1814    Yorkshire Marriages     Patrington, Yorkshire (East Riding), England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1820    Us Census 1820 New York Ward 8, New York, United States    

Ward    Marmaduke    1820    Us Census 1820 Newport, Rhode Island, United States    

Ward    Marmaduke    1825    Yorkshire Burials Clapham, Yorkshire (West Riding), England (b.1750)    

Ward    Marmaduke    1830    Us Census 1830 Newport, Rhode Island, United States    

Ward    Marmaduke    1840    England & Wales Deaths Patrington, Yorkshire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1841    1841 England, Wales & Scotland Census Tenterden, Kent, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1846    England & Wales Deaths Settle, Yorkshire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1846    Yorkshire Burials Clapham, Yorkshire (West Riding), England (b. 1768)    

Ward    Marmaduke    1850    England Births & Baptisms Killamarsh, Derbyshire, England        

Ward    Marmaduke    1850    Us Census 1850 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, US (b. 1771)    

Ward    Marmaduke    1850    England & Wales Births Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England    

Ward    Marmaduke    1850    Derbyshire Registrars Birth Index     Derbyshire, England

‍Mary (1585-1645) daughter of Marmaduke Ward

‍The Venerable Mary Ward was born on 23 January 1585 at Mulwith, near Ripon in North Yorkshire, the eldest of the seven children of Marmaduke Ward and Ursula Wright, both from Yorkshire Roman Catholic families of the minor gentry. Marmaduke was bailiff to Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland and he managed the Percy properties in Spofforth, near Wetherby, as well as his own estate at Mulwith. As a prominent nobleman in the court of Elizabeth I, the 9th Earl was nominally a Protestant. However, the Percy family was still mostly Catholic and it was widely believed that Henry was a Catholic sympathiser.


Neat as it would be, the first Marmaduke Ward in the records list above, who married at Bishop Burton in 1573 (left) , was not the Mary Ward’s father.

There is likely therefore an earlier “Granddaddy” Marmaduke Ward born somewhere in Yorkshire before 1560

The below genealogy of Mary and Marmaduke Ward (from Henriette Peter’s 1992 book about Mary Ward) shows a second Marmaduke of Newby (North Yorkshire) who died c. 1606

Source:Mary Ward: A World in Contemplation By Henriette Peter (1992), p. 7

Source:Mary Ward: A World in Contemplation By Henriette Peter (1992)

Codicil of Marmaduke Ward of Hurworth, gentleman

January ultimo: 1670. Whereat by the Razure above, it appeares that I have

bequeathed to my Nephew William Ward foure poundes per Annum

dureing his Life Naturall & since he hath most unnaturally broken my House

& Chest, & stolne my writinges I doe by these presentes utterly Abdicate & forever disowne Him, & His; & of that which I entended Him I give & Bequeath to mybeloved Neece Margarett Stockdell forty shillings per Annum dureing her life Naturall. In testimony whereof I have Added this by way of Codicill unto this my last will & Testament. By me Marmaduke Ward [sealed].

In the presence of us, Edward Dunwell, Samuell Ovington, Natthanell Robin<son>

Ref: DPRI/1/1681/W3/1


There is no Marmaduke Ward dying in 1670 in the above records list either.  Evidently there are many Marmadukes missing.

Above: Dronfield parish records book.  Source:

Near Chesterfield

Dronfield near Chesterfield

This is the only baptism record I’ve found for a Marmaduke Ward near Chesterfield at around the right time

Name: Marmaduke Ward

Gender: Male

Baptism Date: 23 Oct 1710

Baptism Place: Killamarsh (near Chesterfield), Derbyshire, England

Father: Geo Ward 


Bilsdale, Yorkshire

Killamarsh, Derbyshire

Killamarsh, Derbyshire

Killamarsh, Derbyshire

Killamarsh, Derbyshire

Above: map of Marmaduke Ward locations 15 - 1600s

Above: map of Marmaduke Ward locations 1700 - 1749

Above: map of Marmaduke Ward locations 1800-1850

Above: map of Marmaduke Ward locations 1750 - 1799

Hurworth, near Darlington, County Durham