The Blanckleys’ Raleigh Connection

There are multiple references to the Blanckley family’s belief in direct descent from Sir Walter Raleigh.  These references are collected here.

Blanckley Raleigh References


11 Feb 1782 

Marriage of Ann Elizabeth Blanckley to Alexander Shaw (15th of Shaw, 10th of Clan Ay & Tordarroch) in the Parish Chapel, St Pancras, London (right).

Henry Stanyford Blanckley’s sister. Charles MacKintosh, her step father is named as a witness, where usually the bride's father would have witnessed.

A relative of the groom writes of the Blanckleys a century later (below)

 Alexander [Shaw] was twice married […] his second wife [was] Anne Elizabeth, daughter of

  Henry Blanckley*

1 The Blanckleys were a Hampshire family, and representatives — in the female line — of the family of Raleigh,  to which Sir Walter Raleigh belonged. They possessed various relics of that great man. The family of Blanckley is believed to be now extinct in the male line.

Alexander Mackintosh Shaw, Genealogical account of the Highland families of Shaw, London : Privately printed by W.P. Griffith & Son,1877. p. 110  (available digitally on ––page image: left


21 Jul 1804

Probate of Charles MacKintosh of Paragon Buildings, Bath’s will (Henry Stanyford Blanckley’s father in law). 

He names his deceased wife as formerly the widow Blankley and her children as ‘Henry Stanyford Blankley and Ann Elizabeth Blankley now Mrs Shaw’.  He also states at the top of page 4:

The house I live in household furniture

I desire that my carriage and horses may be sold immediately after my death and all my household furniture and the liquors in my cellar within the space of three months thereafter and neat product remitted for my account to my friend Mr Simon Fraser of Kings Arms Yard London excepting my plate the whole of which as it belonged to my late wife before our marriage I leave to her two children, my step son and step daughter aforesaid in equal shares and be it observed that I delivered to my stepson Henry Blankley the use of a tea kettle and lamp which must be considered as part of his half share thereof.

Source: England & Wales, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858


Captain Edward Blanckley RN and Harriet née Matcham name their Plymouth new build home Raleigh House