Above George Matcham, whom Philip Ward met on his honeymoon tour

Above: London, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1932 for Elizabeth Matcham. Source: ancestry.co.uk

Matchams 1800 - 1899


C. Feb 1822

Philip Ward meets his Horatia’s Matcham relatives in London en route to Wiltshire during their honeymoon (Winifred Gérin, Horatia Nelson, pp. 249-250)

Winifred Gérin (Horatia Nelson, p. 249–250)

6 May 1824

Elizabeth Matcham marries Commander Arthur Davies RN at Old Church, Saint Pancras, London. George Matcham is a witness (left). See also Winifred Gérin, Horatia Nelson, p. 256 (below)


Old Church, St Pancras, London